Vincent DeVito

Vincent DeVito

Counselor for Energy Policy

Vincent DeVito serves as Counselor to the Secretary for Energy Policy in order to strengthen and better coordinate the Department of Interior’s vast energy portfolio. The Department of Interior’s energy portfolio includes oil, gas, coal, hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass. DeVito was appointed by Secretarial Order to advance the Trump Administration’s goal of American energy independence.

The Department recognizes that the development of energy resources on public lands will increase domestic energy production, provide alternatives to overseas energy resources, create jobs, and enhance the energy security of the United States.

DeVito previously held several senior leadership roles at the U.S. Department of Energy and within state energy offices. Most recently, DeVito was a Capital Partner at the law firm of Bowditch & Dewey, LLP in Boston with a corporate, regulatory, and, government affairs practice. DeVito is a licensed member of the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, and U.S. Supreme Court Bars.


November 9, 2017
Dinner Plenary Keynote
Liberty 4-6
6:30 p.m.  -  8:15 p.m.