November 9, 2017

Panel 4A: The Future of Coal 2:40 p.m.  -  3:40 p.m. Panel 4A: The Future of Coal Liberty 4-6

Panel 4A: The Future of Coal

The War on Coal is over thanks to the end of the Obama era and the election of Donald Trump. Listen to a coal company executive an an energy economist talk about the future of coal with a discussion moderated by Heartland Senior Fellow Fred Palmer, himself a former coal company executive.

Fred Palmer, The Heartland Institute
Presentation – Coal is Life
(no PowerPoint presentation)

Bernard L. “Bud” Weinstein, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University
Presentation – Why the U.S. (and the World) Will Need Coal for Decades to Come
(PDF | PowerPoint)

Heath Lovell, Alliance Coal
Presentation – Where Does Coal Go From Here?
(PDF | PowerPoint)